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Setting the Price for Carsharing

With his thesis – ‘Setting the Price for Carsharing: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Equitable Carsharing in the Car-free Neighbourhood of Merwede’ – Leonardo concludes the master’s programme Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics at the TU Delft. Space is getting scarce. That’s why XCARCITY develops different ways to create car-free neighbourhoods. In his insightful research Leonardo investigates pricing strategies for business-to-consumer carsharing services in car-free residential neighbourhoods. Can it align with the diverse needs and preferences of potential users? Using a detailed cost-benefit analysis model, the thesis evaluates carsharing’s potential benefits in reducing private car dependency. A key component is analysing service price changes on carsharing demand, with data segmented by income groups to predict the modal split among future residents of Merwede. Additionally, the research explores policies and interventions to ensure transportation equity, addressing how low parking norms, achieved by significantly increasing the price of parking spots for private cars, affect lower-income residents. Results indicate that targeted subsidies for lower-income residents in the form of a trip credit incentive (50 or 100 euros per month per user) yield positive total net present values and higher carsharing adoption rates. This approach enhances transportation equity and provides positive economic impacts for all stakeholders, including carsharing service operators, users, and the Municipality of Utrecht. All in all, this thesis is an important document for future car-free neighbourhoods.

Author: Leonardo Lucasius
Publication date: 07 mei 2024