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Working on better cities
with less cars

XCARCITY is a five-year program, packed with research and pilots, aimed at making urban regions sustainably accessible

The XCARCITY project consists of seven work packages, ranging from in-depth research to the co-creation of new mobility systems

In XCARCITY, thirty-two parties – research institutions, governments and companies – join forces to make our cities more livable

William Briggs visit – work package 7

On Thursday morning, March 14th, we gathered for an engaging meeting of XCARCITY at TU Delft X building. A group of students from Prof. William (Billy) Riggs’ class at the University of San Fran…

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Work package 2 update

In the dynamic landscape of urban cycling, safety stands as a paramount concern. Over the last 6 months, Work package 2 has delved into the layers of perceived safety to enhance the cycling experience…

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Well-being Indicators for Car-Free Policies

After almost six and a half years of studying, this thesis marked the end of Ruben Verbeeke’s journey at the TU Delft. In his thesis, Verbeeke developed a process for selecting and operationalising we…

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Meet (or join) our team!

XCARCITY will be carried out by a multidisciplinary team of 8 PhD candidates, 2 postdocs, a programmer and researchers from TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and TNO. They will be supervised by several experienced researchers and work in close collaboration with public and/or private partners.