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Publications (old)

Insightful publications from XCARCITY or affiliated to XCARCITY will over the course of the project appear on this page. Together they will form an important backbone to the research done together, and a vital building stones towards a tomorrow where cars will be relieved of the abundancy of cars.

Well-being Indicators for Car-Free Policies
Author: R. C. Verbeeke

After almost six and a half years of studying, this thesis marked the end of Verbeeke’s journey in Delft. In this thesis, Verbeeke developed a process for selecting and operationalising well-being indicators for the evaluation of car-free policies. The thesis reveals among other things that well-being indicators prove to be more insightful for local stakeholders in evaluating those policies than conventional indicators. Well-being indicators in the context of mobility can cover aspects in the domains of living environment, accessibility, safety and health. Therefore, they can be used to represent a wide spectrum of stakeholder interests.

Optimizing Parking Capacities in Urban Areas
Author: Tygo Nijsten

With this thesis Nijsten aims to optimize parking capacities in an urban area with three specific goals in mind: minimize fossil fuel emissions, minimize travel times, and minimize the space occupied by parking facilities. A very interesting challenge since the three goals can go against each other. He used two components in his method to achieve the goals: a traffic and parking simulating model for urban areas as well as applying evolutionary algorithms to find parking capacities.